Miss Elizabeθ Buckley

Gears and Springs and Clockwork Things

Elizabeθ Buckley
1 April 1989
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Elizabeθ Buckley 

Settled on the top of her somewhat feathered blonde hair is a top hat made from leather and riveted together. Strange brass glasses that have swinging magnifiers on levers cover her green eyes, though usually she keeps all of the magnifiers flipped away from her face to leave just the regular lenses over her eyes.

She wears a simple latte coloured blouse, but over it are a heavy leather corset and heavy brass armour plates on her arms. She also has a cheerily coloured green cravat tied neatly around her neck. Several belts cross round her hips, and from one of them hangs a fancy looking gold pocket watch.

Her pants have a very unusual cut to them, puffing out around the knees before tucking back in to her tall buckled boots. Clasped tightly in her left hand is a cane, and she leans heavily on it as she walks. One might notice her minute mannerisms are slightly more masculine than feminine.

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